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Wedding Officiants 

Do you need someone to officiate your special day? We have 3 wedding officiants that offer a variety of wedding ceremony options to make your day as special as possible! Get married at a venue of your choice, your cabin, family farm, backyard, etc.! Our Officiants are certified by the Universal Life Church and travel up to 20 miles from Logan, OH before travel charges become a factor in your service! Wedding Officiants start at $115 per ceremony! 

Non Denominational Ceremony

A traditional ceremony that will make those from any background feel at home without any endorsement of one faith of another. 

Vow Renewal Ceremony 

Vow Renewal ceremony for couples celebrating their long lasting love. 

Short and Sweet

Short and to the point. Integrate as much or as little as you would like in your wedding ceremony. 

Non-Religious Ceremony 

Cute & Romantic ceremony for non-religious couples with no mention of a God during the ceremony. 

Handfasting/Unity  Ceremony

Integrate a timeless unity ceremony during your wedding ceremony! Can be mixed with other ceremonies above. 

Other/Custom Ceremony options

You have the option to make your ceremony as custom as you'd like! incorporate sentimental sayings, favorite tv shows/ movies, and more! 

Collaborate with our wedding coordinator to find the perfect ceremony for you and your love! 

Wedding and Engagement Rings
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